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Types of Headboard: Considering Style

October 8, 2023

Feminine or Masculine or Mix of Both

You can blend masculine and feminine elements to achieve a balanced look and create a space that reflects your unique style. For example, you might pair a dark velvet headboard with soft pastel bedding or incorporate both clean lines and gentle curves in your furniture choices. Feminine colour palettes often include pastels and soft, muted colours. Think of shades like blush pink, lavender, soft mint, or pale peach. These colours create a gentle and calming atmosphere.Delicate and tactile fabrics like silk, satin, or velvet in lighter shades can add a touch of femininity to your headboard. These fabrics have a soft sheen and a luxurious feel. Finline have hundreds of exclusive fabrics to suit your colour pallet and style, from delicate floral patterns to dark opulent velvets. Order free sample swatches .

Floral & Whimsical Designs – Feminine Aesthetic.

For a Feminine style, embrace floral patterns, intricate lace designs, or whimsical prints for a feminine touch. These patterns can be incorporated into the headboard upholstery or bedding. Finlines exclusive Volkan Nordic Blue from our Silver Collection, Trussardi Print from our gold collection , Penny Blue from our Platinum Collection, are perfect fabrics for a soft feminine look

Vintage and Romantic Accessories

Decorate your bedroom with vintage-inspired or romantic accessories. Items like crystal chandeliers, lace curtains, and floral arrangements can enhance the feminine ambiance. Use soft textures throughout the room, from plush rugs to fluffy throw pillows. These textures add warmth and comfort, reinforcing the feminine aesthetic.

Traditional Design Elements

Transitional design combines elements of both traditional and contemporary styles. Deep button headboards work well in transitional bedrooms as they bridge the gap between the two aesthetics. You can choose neutral or muted colours and pair them with modern furniture and decor to achieve a balanced and harmonious look. Finline’s Deep Button Headboard is a long standing classic within our range. The flow of tufted fabric deep buttoned throughout, results in a timeless look which exudes both luxury and elegance.  While deep button headboards are often associated with classic designs, they can also be used in contemporary interiors. To achieve a contemporary minimalist look, opt for a tufted headboard with a clean and simple silhouette. Choose fabrics in sleek, modern colours like grey, white, or black. The contrast between the tufting and minimalist design can create a striking focal point in the room. Our Camilla Headboard exhibits subtle drama with it’s curved top. Versatile in it’s design, you can highlight it’s elegant shape with contrast piping or add a some buttoning.


Traditional Elegance

Deep button headboards are a hallmark of traditional interior design. They exude a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. In traditional bedrooms, these headboards often feature luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk in rich, deep colours. They can be paired with ornate furniture, intricate patterns, and classic accessories to create a refined and opulent ambiance.

Valentina Bedroom

Contemporary Minimalism

Fluted panelled headboards can be used in contemporary interiors to introduce texture and depth. In modern bedrooms, opt for headboards with clean lines and minimalistic fluting. Choose materials like upholstered leather or neutral-toned wood. The juxtaposition of the textured headboard with sleek, contemporary furnishings can create a visually interesting contrast. The Florida Headboard is an elegant piece with a modern feel. The fluted detail gives a structured feel creating a striking focal point in any bedroom. Like all our other headboards, you can choose to go large in size with the Florida or keep it as one of our standard sizes. Opt for headboards with gentle, understated curves and neutral. If your looking for a clean cut classic, the Kinsale Headboard is both understated and elegant. With neat pleating and streamlined simplicity, the Kinsale Headboard will enhance any bedroom. If understated is your style, the simplicity of the Piper Headboard is what makes it a versatile headboard. A geometric print for example Poppy Grey or a rich velvet like Lovely Mocha will go hand in hand with the Piper. Use a contrast colour in it’s piping and this will highlight it’s clean lines whilst acting as a frame to the fabric.colours. Keep the overall design simple and uncluttered, focusing on clean lines and essential furnishings.

Florida Headboard

Eclectic Mixing

Eclectic design embraces a mix of styles and periods. Deep button headboards can be a versatile addition to eclectic bedrooms, allowing you to combine different design elements. You can pair a tufted headboard with eclectic furnishings, artwork, and accessories, creating a room that tells a unique and personal design story.

Bohemian Comfort

In bohemian or boho-chic interiors, deep button headboards can add a touch of comfort and luxury. Choose fabrics with rich textures and warm colours, such as earthy tones or jewel tones. Combine the headboard with an eclectic mix of patterns, textiles, and global-inspired decor for a cosy and inviting bohemian retreat.


Valentina Headboard 1

Mid-Century Modern Influence

Mid-century modern design often features clean lines and iconic furniture pieces. A tufted headboard can bring a touch of retro flair to a mid-century modern bedroom. Opt for headboards with a simple tufting pattern for example, The Camilla Headboard and choose fabrics in muted, mid-century-inspired colours like our Fortis Mustard from our Gold Fabric Range, Boulder Evergreen from our Platinum Collection, or Edinburgh Paprika from our Silver Range of fabrics. Fluted panelled headboards can add a touch of retro flair to mid-century modern bedrooms. Look for headboards with a clean and linear design, featuring horizontal fluting. Our Florida Headboard is an elegant piece with a modern feel. The fluted detail gives a structured feel creating a striking focal point in any bedroom. Like all our other headboards, you can choose to go large in size with the Florida or keep it as one of our standard sizes. Opt for headboards with gentle, understated curves and neutral for example our Maddox headboard. With angular lines and sloped cut outs that create a finish that makes the Maddox Headboard an attractive focal point in any bedroom. It is a classic headboard in its own right.  It may be customised with studding or contrast piping whilst being appealing in a large array of fabrics be it a lush velvet or a geometric print. The Maddox headboard can be ordered in any size.. Opt for materials and finishes that are consistent with the mid-century modern aesthetic, such as walnut wood or sleek upholstery in period-appropriate colours.

Piper Headboard

Rustic Charm

Deep button headboards can also work in rustic or farmhouse-style interiors. To achieve this look, select headboards with a more relaxed and casual tufting pattern. Choose natural and textured fabrics like linen or burlap. Pair the headboard with rustic wood furniture, vintage accessories, and earthy tones for a cosy and inviting rustic bedroom. Curved edge headboards can enhance the charm of French Country or Provençal-style interiors. When paired with light, pastel colours, distressed finishes, and rustic decor, they evoke a sense of countryside elegance. Consider headboards with scalloped edges and natural wood finishes for an authentic French Country look.  Our Valentina Headboard in soft floral pattern fabric for example Tolstoy Ocean Pattern  or Penny Blue Multi are perfect to add that rustic charm to your farmhouse style interior.

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