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We are The Sustainable Choice

At Finline, we are acutely aware that sustainability is a journey. We are constantly monitoring and measuring our carbon footprint to align our business to national and international targets to reach net-zero emissions. We continue to reduce our energy consumption, transition our energy sources and work with our supply chain to minimise our environmental impact, ensuring the longevity of our business and the earth.

History of Luxury

Handmade Locally

Based in a small rural community in Emo, Co. Laois, Finline is a family-run business that has been producing luxurious upholstered furniture for over 40 years. We employ over 60 highly skilled local people – many of whom have been with us since we opened. Finline is built around our staff and our core values of producing high-quality furniture in Ireland. Our staff and our local communities are proud of what we create together. For us, this means we provide meaningful careers and opportunities for our employees while creating high-quality, sustainable products for our customers.

Long-Lasting Life Span

Our sofas and chairs are designed and handcrafted to be both long-lasting and hard-wearing. Each frame comes with a 20-year frame guarantee. As every piece is made to order we do not produce more than we sell. Our sofa recovery scheme is our key commitment to our sofa’s circularity – where any Finline sofa can be recovered, re-upholstered and reused.  This means our sofas are for life and never need to become waste.

Sourcing Quality Sustainable Materials 

Our sofas and chairs are made with durable and sustainable timber frames. All our timber is FSC certified meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests providing environmental and social benefits. Our Kiln dried Beechwood timber is handcrafted in a local workshop less than 10km away from our factory. We strive to source the most sustainable fabrics with many being sourced from European mills.  We ensure these mills and other supply sources are as equally committed to sustainability as we are in Finline Furniture. We have launched our first 100% recycled fabric range Fortis, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable fabrics. While all our packaging is 100% recyclable, we continue to reduce our packaging annually.

Quality hand crafted furniture

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