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Valentina Headboard 6

Types of Headboard: Considering Shape

October 8, 2023

Rectangular Headboards

Rectangular headboards are the most traditional and widely used shape. They are characterised by a simple, straight-line design that spans the width of the bed. Rectangular headboards can be tailored to suit various design aesthetics, from minimalist to ornate, making them incredibly versatile. One of our bestselling headboards, the Coolmore Headboard is a timeless piece which exudes elegance and class. The inner studding creates a frame which enhances the fabric upholstered on the headboard. This classic design will elevate any bedroom space. The Florida Headboard is an elegant piece with a modern feel. The fluted detail gives a structured feel creating a striking focal point in any bedroom. Like all our other headboards, you can choose to go large in size with the Florida or keep it as one of our standard sizes. If your looking for a clean cut classic, the Kinsale Headboard is both understated and elegant. With neat pleating and streamlined simplicity, the Kinsale headboard will enhance any bedroom. If understated is your style,, the simplicity of the Piper Headboard is what makes it a versatile headboard. A geometric print or a rich velvet will go hand in hand with the Piper. Use a contrast colour in it’s piping and this will highlight it’s clean lines whilst acting as a frame to the fabric.

Curved Headboards

Curved headboards feature gracefully arched or rounded tops. These headboards soften the look of a bedroom and add a touch of elegance. They are often used in traditional and romantic bedroom designs to create a sense of comfort and sophistication. Our Camilla Headboard exhibits subtle drama with it’s curved top. Versatile in it’s design, you can highlight it’s elegant shape with contrast piping or add a some buttoning.

Scalloped Headboards

Scalloped headboards have a unique design characterised by a series of curves or waves along the top edge. This type of headboard is commonly associated with French Country and cottage-style bedrooms, adding a charming and whimsical touch to the space.  Our Valentina Headboard is an architectural piece with grand curves and corners. The tallest and dramatic headboard in our range it creates an inviting design and a striking focal point in any bedroom. Like all our of headboards, it can be handcrafted to a size that works for you and your room. Our Maddox with angular lines and sloped cut outs create a finish that makes the Maddox Headboard an attractive focal point in any bedroom. It is a classic headboard in its own right.  It may be customised with studding or contrast piping whilst being appealing in a large array of fabrics be it a lush velvet or a geometric print. The Maddox Headboard can be ordered in any size.

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