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The Storage Ottoman

February 25, 2024

Filey Ottoman with Storage

Deep Button Ottoman with Storage in Filey Clover fabric. Prices From €760.

The Storage Ottoman – A Stylish Space Saving Solution


The epitome of practicality, storage ottomans feature hidden compartments beneath their cushioned tops, providing a discreet solution for stashing away blankets, magazines, or remote controls. They serve as multifunctional pieces, offering both seating and storage in one.

Where Should My Ottoman Be Placed?

Ottomans are commonly situated in living rooms, often positioned in front or alongside the main seating area. However, they can serve various functions, such as additional seating adjacent to the primary sofa set, as a footrest paired with a chair or sofa, or even as a side table placed beside the sofa. At Finline we recommend approximately 100 cm between your ottoman and a sofa. At this distance, you can comfortably use both pieces of furniture.

Ottolong Storage Bench Blue

What Size Ottoman Should I Consider?

When choosing the size of an ottoman, consider its length, width and height. These measurements should match or be smaller than the seat of your sofa to ensure proportional placement and aesthetic harmony in your living space. The height of an ottoman depends on your personal preference and comfort. Typically, we would advise for the ottoman to be slightly lower than the sofa by about 20cm. This ensures that you can comfortably rest your feet on the ottoman without straining your legs, resulting in a well-balanced and visually appealing living room setup.

Finline offer a range of specially designed Ottomans and Footstools tailored to complement the size and height of their sofa collections. This includes popular choices such as the Ottolong, Ottogrand, and The Ottoman. Each Ottoman variant comes with customisable features such as storage options, deep buttoning, and a choice of leg styles, allowing customers to personalise their selection to suit their preferences and needs.  For a personalised experience, why not book a design consultation in one of our showrooms where our experts will guide you through your requirements and showcase our fabrics using meter pieces so you can really see what the fabric looks like when applied to your chosen piece of furniture.

Lovely Moss Velvet Deep Button Ottoman

What Fabric Should I Choose For My Ottoman?

While the fabric and colour don’t need to match your existing furniture, consider selecting a contrasting fabric colour that complements the room’s overall colour scheme. Introducing texture through the fabric can add visual interest, while choosing a patterned fabric can inject personality into your space and tie together various décor elements. In a busy household, it may be a good idea to prioritise durability and easy cleaning, especially if it will be used as a side table for drinks and snacks. Opt for fabrics with stain-resistant properties or easy-to-clean materials to ensure longevity and practicality.

Finline offer an exclusive fabric range with a huge choices of colours, patterns and textures, showcasing fabrics using metre pieces so you can really see what the fabric looks like when applied to your chosen piece of furniture. You can also order free fabric swatches direct from our website.

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