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March 3, 2024

Dreamy Italian-Inspired Headboards for Your Bedroom Retreat

Valentina Headboard 6

“As spring blooms,I dream of escaping to a luxurious Italian retreat. Wandering through ancient cobblestone streets adorned with cascading bougainvillea. The air is infused with the scent of freshly baked bread wafting from rustic trattorias, mingling with the sweet fragrance of citrus blossoms dancing in the breeze. In my bedroom suite, I’m enveloped in a symphony of luxury – plush furnishings adorned with sumptuous fabrics. As the sun dips below the horizon, I’m lulled into a peaceful slumber by the distant murmur of the sea. “

Embrace la dolce vita and create a romantic escape to your own bedroom, where the allure of whimsical patterns, cool crisp sheets and a delicate curves of The Valentina headboard will make you’ll never want to leave your enchanting oasis!

The Valentina

The Valentina with its stately height and dramatic scalloped shape, creates an eye-catching focal point in the bedroom. The Valentina is available in any of our fabrics, while a contrast piped border accentuates its distinctive shape, matching piping affords a more subtle look. Like all our of headboards, it can be handcrafted to a size that works for you and your room.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 17.20.34

Valentina Headboard in Penny Multi Fabric (Platinum Collection), contrast piped in Lovely Atlantic (Gold Collection).  Scatter Cushions in Plush Petal (Gold Collection) piped with Plush Blush and Filey Delft (Silver Collection) Piped with Plush Blush (Gold Collection)

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Let Finline help you to create your perfect Valentino bedroom retreat. Booking a design consultation where our experts can help you to select the perfect fabrics for your headboard and scatter cushions.

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