Trend Alert 2018! What is wabi-sabi?

April 3, 2018

What is wabi-sabi?

Move over Hygge, there’s a new lifestyle trend in town. In 2017, we were all about “Hygge,” the Scandinavian design trend that simply created plain interiors that are infused with comfort. This year, say hello to wabi-sabi design, (and it’s not a type of sushi!) it’s the Japanese-inspired trend & this spring trend is going to take over! Wabi-sabi is about celebrating the natural beauty, it’s way of living that is authentic, simple.
Wabi’ means an understated elegance through rustic, simple & natural design. ‘Sabi’ means seeing beauty in the flaws that come with age.

Read on to find out how to embrace the Japanese art of wabi-sabi in your own home…



Rather than spending your time wishing for something better, for that pristine look, it’s all about embracing the imperfections. Your floorboards can be distressed, leather looks more beautiful after showing signs of aging over time, try having mismatch furniture, of all different shapes & designs, can still works.

Its all Natural

Connecting to the earth is a major part of wabi-sabi. This trend depends on natural materials, you can easily combine different material whatever your aesthetic preferences are. If you like the Scandinavian look you can design your look around lights material, and if you prefer the Mediterranean look you might include lots of terra cotta.

Clutter-free Space

Remember simplicity is key. Whatever accessories you use for home, let them shine on their own. Give the accessories a functional purpose. Use your wooden salad bowl as a plant pot; they can bring a pop of freshness to the space. To really get the most out of wabi-sabi technology is best hidden away. Focus on the natural elements of a room.

Decorate with natural colours

Earth tone colours come from natural things around us: brown soil, green leaf, cloudy sky, as well as the red sun. These palettes can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere. That’s why using earthy colour tones work best in your space; it can create a sense of being at one with Mother Nature.

Authentic is key

Use own personality on your space; use your own possessions that have a story. Use a solid wood frame to display your family photo.

Is wabi-sabi a trend you are going to try this spring?

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