How To Choose A Comfy Finline Sofa

October 25, 2017

Lets face it, there is nothing better then coming from home from work after along tiring day and then just sinking into your sofa. Knowing that your sofa is ready & waiting to welcome you home is sort of reassuring, especially when all you care about doing is kicking off those shoes, grabbing a glass of vino, the remote or a good book and sit back & relax … but sometimes this isn’t possible, sometimes your sofa won’t allow you to get comfy. Here at Finline we strive for comfort & style for every sofa & chair we manufacture.

Buying a good quality, comfy sofa is a major investment, so you should take your time when choosing. If you rush, and choose the wrong one, even if you love the style of the suite, you’re left with a piece that doesn’t satisfy your craving for comfort.

Below are a few factors to know about when you’re trying to choose a comfy sofa or chair.

Comfort Characteristics

Each Finline sofa is designed in a different way. There are different seat heights; rake heights; frame angles on backs; height of arms etc. Each one will provide a different level of comfort for different people. A sofa that is deep will feel very different to one that is shallow – even they were the same design. So it’s really important to try out our showroom models to see what style suit you.

Sofa Suspension

The suspension in any sofa is a crucial factor for comfort. The suspension is the inner part of the seating area and along with the sofa seat and the type of cushion filling you choose determines the overall feel of the sofa.

Serpentine Springs

This is probably the most used method suspension today. To create a spring metal wires are formed in a zigzag shape then are attached from front to back within the seating frame. Finline springs are each highly tensioned serpentine steel springs that are locked into place to ensure no movement. Designed for maximum comfort!

Our sales staff are highly experienced in knowing which sofas provide best comfort for different people, so please explain what you are looking for whether it be a sofa for flaking out on and throwing the feet up; one to keep you upright and support you lower back or an even one to support you neck – we have loads of options to help you find a comfort that suits you.


Inter woven webbing at the back of the frame gives a comfortable & study feel. Polyester fibres & elasticised threads together make a durable and extendable suspension belt.

Foam Cushions

The foam inner in any sofa is a crucial factor for comfort also. Most of our showroom displays will have a medium foam cushion (which is very dense) and provides durability & resilience as well as long lasting comfort. Should these not suit you, we have a firm foam seat cushion option and a soft foam option. Along with these we can also provide a fibre & feather filled cushion (little more expensive!) – although more expensive – the feather & fibre option is a little but more work to maintain and keep the cushions looking & performing well.

Our seat cushions made from Resilient Polyurethane foam, wrapped with Dacron fibre. Options available, Medium, (recommended) Firm, Soft, Feather or Fibre.


At Finline, each upholsterer, sewer & cutter is trained in all aspects of constructing each sofa & takes great pride in having created a finished piece of Finline Furniture sofa that they know will stand the tests of time. Each piece of furniture that we supply can be traced back to the skilled person who manufactured it.


For all your queries, please ask any of our sales staff & interior décor specialists who are up to date with the latest trends in the market and to know what fashions are coming down the line.

Please visit any of our Showrooms in Dublin, Cork, Galway or our Factory Showrooms in Emo, Co Laois.

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