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Finline Guide to Leather

November 30, 2017

About Leather

A classic sofa can be truly timeless, a good leather sofa is one of those all time favourites.

Character, charm & personality are just a few traits that come with a leather sofa. The leather sofa is a very versatile piece of furniture, and most importantly its very resistant to most everyday use. The leather we use at Finline comes from farms in Ireland & the UK.

Leather has a process of tanning animal raw hide to preserve it. Leather being a natural product, will bare the natural hallmarks of its origin & is a far more superior product compared to synthetic products. Oxen’s are exposed to many different elements in their environment. From this there can acquire many different marks throughout their life. These are not defects but they natural characteristics that will lend to the attraction of the product & will enhance its overall look.

Common characteristics






  • Stretch Marks
  • Veins
  • Scars
  • Skin Disease
  • Branding

Is it ‘real’ leather?

finline furniture leather sofa couch dublin corkOne of the most important questions to ask yourself when you’re buying a leather sofa, is it real?

Might sound a dumb & obvious thing to ask but some people do get mislead into buying sofas that resembling real leather, but the sofa is only made from a cheap synthetic or a split leather – which is a poorer quality version.

This option could be ok if you are on a tight budget, but don’t be fooled into thinking you are going to get a lifetime use out of it.

leather sofa couches finlie furniture dublin cork laois

Here at Finline we only use 100% real leather on our Leather Louis, Queen Anne Chair, and our Leather Solo sofa.







Our Leather Range


“Cracked, matte leather with an earthy colour palette, a firm favourite for upholstery.”

  • Known as a pull up leather.
  • Soft wax finishes, with some flexibility so that when taut the contrasting base colour “pulls up”. Giving a “cracked” look.
  • Mustang’s colour range stays as natural as it can, set of earthy tones, terracotta & dark browns.


  • Pull up effect
  • Cracked effect
  • Embraces the natural characteristics


“The Capri leather range is a soft, sumptuous and intrinsically beautiful piece of leather full of character and perfect for lounging around in”

  • The finest Ox hinds used.
  • Defects in the leather are few & far between, due to the size of the hind.
  • Two tones spread throughout the palette, Capri is available in a huge ranges of colours.
  • Good endurance to abrasion, rubbing & flexing.


  • Two tone effect
  • Soft Feel

The Chelsea Collection

“Premium hides are hand-picked for our Chelsea Collection and are sourced exclusively from British & Irish Oxen”

  • Hand Picked premium hinds from British Oxen.
  • Luxurious leather – high comfort with a sublime feel
  • Contemporary tones & some traditional lighter shades.
  • Designed to complement textiles or fabrics.


  • Two tone effect
  • Soft Feel


Click here to view our full range of Leather.


For all your queries, please ask any of our sales staff & interior décor specialists who are up to date with the latest trends in the market and to know what fashions are coming down the line.

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