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"Earlier in January, my partner and I went to Finline’s show room in Laois. We were looking for a custom made sofa which would look like two L-shaped sofas together. We are very happy with how it looks and its quality. The measurements were spot on and they fit perfectly in our living room. Thanks, Barbara
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"The first thing we knew we wanted for the house was a sofa from Finline Furniture so we went for the colorado corner sofa. It’s made to measure so it fits your room perfectly and honestly with kids the fabric is so easy to keep clean because there’s nothing worse than having to cover it up with throws!!! I’ll probably change the yellow cushions they’re just from ikea.
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"absolutely love, it’s so comfy. It fitted into my room perfectly! Everyone comments on its a real statement piece!
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"Just love them have to say..every-time I walk into the room & to relax on devine! We’re so happy with them!! Thanks so much again for all your help.
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"Hi, wanted to send in pictures for your #TheFinlineLook. We bought the corner Colorado and footstool for our self build house back in 2017 and have not regretted it. It is the best investment piece we have bought, still looks brand new after 3 years. Will be buying again from Finline when we start our sitting room
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"Thank you we love it! Super comfy, makes it much more difficult to get up and go to bed! 2020 Winner of #TheFinlineLook Competition You can follow Niamh on Instagram here www.instagram.com/selfbuild_backtothecountry
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"Just moving into our new home. Love our couch it fits perfectly and has so much space. Worth the wait thanks again #TheFinlineLook
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