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Notes On Our Sustainability

November 15, 2023

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Did You Know?

Locally Sourced: Finline sofas are made with the most durable, sustainable timber frames. All our timber is FSC certified, that means it comes from responsibly managed forests providing environmental and social benefits. Our Kiln dried Beechwood timber is handcrafted in a local workshop less than 10km away from our Laois factory.

Did You Know?

Irish Made: Finline’s core value is producing high-quality furniture in Ireland. It all happens in County Laois by a highly skilled team, from furniture designers, frame makers, fabric cutters, pattern matchers, sewers, seamstresses, upholsterers, cushion fillers, warehouse managers, quality controllers, production managers, and delivery personal. Add to this our front-of-house showroom teams, and we have over 60 people within the Finline family.

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