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March 25, 2021

Our Baltimore sofa helping RTE’s HOME OF THE YEAR contestant into the final…

Home of the Year is one of Irelands favourite lifestyle shows featuring, people passionate for all things home.

Jen Sheahan, a contestant in this season’s RTE’s Home of The Year, lives in a gorgeous late 1800s cottage in Dublin 6 and we here at Finline are absolutely thrilled to see our popular, handcrafted Baltimore sofa feature on the episode.

Our Baltimore really brings a lovely sense of warmth, chic and design to the whole scheme within Jen’s beautiful home.

I found the couch before I even bought the house,” said Jen. “I spotted it on a billboard on the M7 on the way home to Limerick and was like ‘that’s the one’

Viewers were amazed with Jen’s quirky cottage, which was the second home presented on the episode, many saying it was refreshing to see a smaller home make reach the final.

One viewer saying “The cottage in Dublin should win this, what imagination,” while one added that “the cottage was definitely a worthy winner”.

Jen was thrilled, when the cottage came on the market in 2019 and since then she did a complete renovation, knocking most walls, digging up floors and making it into a two-storey house.

The cosy cottage was awarded a score of 28 out of 30 and goes through to the Home Of The Year final.

“What I love is the fact that it’s highly functional and it maximises every single nook and corner” – Suzie McAdam  (Award-winning interior designer & Judge)

While Hugh Wallace, (Judge) adds “It’s about ergonomics and how you use space…”

Home of The Year is on RTE One, Tuesdays at 8:30pm

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