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Choosing the right Headboard

March 21, 2023

We have 9 Headboards in our range, however with bespoke sizing and hundreds of fabric options, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few considerations to help you choose the right headboard for you.


Things to consider when choosing the width of your quality headboard. The width of your bed is the most common way to decide on this, however sometimes people want to make an impact with their headboards in this way. Do you have bedside tables? Or want it to fit between 2 windows behind the bed? Wall to wall is another option to make your room feel oh so big, a wider headboard can make a big statement! Our Florida Headboard here is looking good!

Florida square


We make our quality bespoke headboards in any size, they are all made in our factory here in Laois so if you want floor to ceiling that’s an option. However as standard we make them 97cm high to wall mount which is perfect for anyone sitting up in bed!

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 10.10.56


Whether you want to make a bold statement in your bedroom or you are looking for a more mellow head rest there is a perfect headboard fabric out there for everyone. Think about what you want your headboard to say and request some fabric samples here. Bring them into your bedroom and see if they work for you.


Feel free to contact us if you want any more information about our headboard range, we will help make sure you can find what you’re looking for. Durability is important when choosing a headboard, our headboards are floating so they do not impact the bedframe, if you change your bed in 10 years your headboard can stay put! We do loads of easy clean fabrics so they are built to last.

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