An Iconic Armchair

June 30, 2024

Queen Anne


The Queen Anne chair, a hallmark of 18th-century English furniture, is renowned for its elegant design and unmatched comfort. Emerging during the early 1700’s under the reign of Queen Anne, this chair represents a significant shift in furniture making, prioritising both aesthetics and functionality. The Queen Anne chair’s distinctive features include its gracefully curved cabriole legs, often ending in padded feet, which  typically emulate the form of an animal’s leg, exuding a sense of refinement and stability.

The Queen Anne Birchwood Frame

One of the most notable innovations of the Queen Anne chair is its emphasis on comfort. The Queen Anne chair introduced amply filled cushions and ergonomically inspired back supports. This design evolution was revolutionary, as it combined the elegance of high-class furniture with the practicality of everyday use. The chairs featured upholstered seats and backs, making them as comfortable as they were stylish, a trend that has persisted for centuries.

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Queen Anne Chair in fabric Lovely Jade – Price €840

At Finline we continue this tradition, handcrafting the strongest and most comfortable Queen Anne Chairs, here in Emo Co. Laois. Our founder Kieran Finane encapsulates this enduring appeal with the statement, “If You Build Class, Class Will Remain.” This ethos is evident in the meticulous craftsmanship and quality of our modern Queen Anne chairs, which honour their historical roots while meeting contemporary standards of comfort and durability. The  Queen Anne chair remains a timeless piece, symbolising the perfect union of elegance and ease, a testament to the lasting legacy of early 18th-century design.




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