Choosing a Corner Sofa

March 24, 2023


Begin by measuring your floor space and consider how many seats you’ll need, as well as how wide and deep you want the sofa. Note where radiators, doorways and windows are. We make to any size so can work around your dimensions.


Think about how the room works for you. Where are the Prize seats with the TV/Fireplace/Scenic view? This should be the long part of the sofa with chaise ends facing towards the TV/Fire for utmost comfort and toasty toes!

Step 3: 

How many bums on seats are needed?


What kind of corner sofa? Chaise end, U Shape or L shape?



This has seats with backs the the whole way around. Doesn’t mean you can’t throw those feet up! Pop an ottoman in the middle and everyone has the best seat in the house. One thing to consider with a corner sofa is that the corner seat often doesn’t function as a seat but is a comfy one for lying on in either direction. Featured here is our Logan corner sofa.

Baltimore chaise end

Chaise End Sofa/Lounger

This is a sofa with an arm each end and one (or 2) extended seats to lie into. Good if you like the option of sitting/lounging and if don’t have much space on the second wall for your sofa. Again it’s best if it’s facing towards the view…Featured here is our Baltimore lounger sofa

Baltimore chaise end

Sofa with Chaise

The chaise is similar to the lounger as it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space on the second wall, however it’s different in that it has a back to it so there’s the option to sit on the second axis too as opposed to just put your feet up. Important to think how your room is being used for this one, do you like to get into a cosy corner or sit with your arms on an arm rest with your feet up…featured here is our Atlas corner sofa.



This is an amazing option but only works if you have a lot of space! It’s big and social and can be done in any of the above configurations that suits the room and your lifestyle. Here (and below) is the Colorado U sofa


We hope this helps. If you’re still bamboozled please pop into any of our showrooms in Laois, Cork, Dublin or Galway one of our experienced staff will be happy to help you plan out that room. Or email for further information.

Thanks 🙂

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