Gemma F

We purchased our sofa from Finline furniture in Jan 2016, the company run a great sale each each year in Jan. We had just built on an extension that was narrow and long so a custom made sofa was the only way to go. We have two young sons so while comfort and style are two major selling points for us, quality and durability and something that was going to last the test of time were equally as important. My own parents have a suite of furniture from Finline that is like the day they purchased it , so it was an obvious choice for us too, knowing their great reputation and large catalogue of options. Finline worked with us on custom making a style of sofa that met all our needs and beyond. I personally love that you can pick and choose literally every element of your furniture , from colour, material, size and style to create something that is truly unique to you.If you want quality and style Finline furniture definitely will not disappoint , cannot recommend it highly enough.