Anita R


I cannot praise enough the high quality and standard of your furniture . Twenty four years ago I bought my first suite of furniture from you. I knew then it was a quality product . It looked luxurious! It was my first main purchase after I got married. It withstood kids climbing on it and general every day wear .

When the years passed and we had a bigger house and we had another room to furnish. I mistakenly purchased a leather suite from a furniture bargain store . That leather suite did not last 5 years, it was badly constructed and was definitely a waste of money.

My guests always commented on my first Finline suite saying how comfortable it is and how new it still looks ! That piece of furniture still remains in my sitting room after 24 years as good as the day it was purchased !

Needless to say I learnt that if you want a quality and timeless piece of furniture that lasts a lifetime you have to buy a Finline piece!! So I decided to purchase another Finline suite to replace the cheap leather one! I now have two suites of Finline Furniture in my home . They are really comfortable and great support in them , so much so my husband loves to sleep on the sofa and nearly forgets where his bed is !

Last year I bought a queens chair to match my suite . Another timeless piece and really fits well in my home beside my fireplace . My advice to people if you want quality furniture that will last ,Finline Furniture is the place to go . The furniture has solid frames unlike many cheap suites that are made from chipboard .When you go to Finline , they will give you expert advice where you can choose from different densities of foam to suit your needs . They also have fabulous choices of upholstery fabric to choose from to coordinate with your interior decor . As I say if you want a fine piece of furniture choose Finline !


Love my armchair , a beautiful addition to our home just like Velvet our dog whom we adopted last year too.