Employment Initiatives in Finline Furniture are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2010


Project Description

Project is to appoint a Business Development Manager. The Business Development Manager will be tasked with creating an export marketing strategy to offset Brexit


Project Aims

New Business Development Manager will be tasked with analysing Finline Furniture’s full product range from models through to fabrics. With a view to amending and diversifying existing lines and creating new products that can be brought to market and offered to export clients. The Business Development Manager will attend a number of trade shows in Italy, France, UAE and UK to ascertain what current and future trends / styles are prevalent and currently on trend in the marketplace. The new Business Development Manager will be able to build on existing customer base and develop new customer relationships in targeted markets. As the true implications of Brexit become clear it will be necessary to act quickly to diversify our product offering and research new market opportunities outside the U.K.


Project Results

New Business Development Manager will make regular visits to trade shows and trade exhibitions to analyse market trends and to intelligence gather. Our factory R & D team will amend and create new designs based on the recommendation of Business Development Manager. Business Development Manager will visit fabric exhibitions in Brussels, Istanbul, Italy and London to work with our key fabric suppliers to develop new fabric ranges that will be tailored towards specific market and allow Finline Furniture to diversify our product offering. Brexit will have a huge impact on Finline Furniture’s potential to grow in UK. Business development manager will result in Finline formulating a focus and strategy around minimising the risk of Brexit in future years to Finline Furniture.