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So you’re buying a new sofa, which can be confusing. After you purchase your house and a car, a sofa purchase is probably the next important purchase you make. There are many different questions to think about “Do I want a high back or a low back or soft cushions or firm cushions?’ But one the main questions people ask themselves is “Do I want a fabric sofa or leather?”

Everyone is divided into two sides, those you want a leather sofa and those who want a fabric sofa, which one are you? There is no right answer, but we at Finline are going to tell you why you should choose fabric.


fabric sofas dublin stores furniture handmadeFabric sofas can add texture and warmth to any room. Here at Finline we have a huge range of exclusive fabrics to choose from. So whatever the style or budget of your room, Finline’s got you covered. Fabric sofas can create a seamless interior look, it gives you more control when decorating your room, as it can be easier to find fabric to complement your curtains, rugs or carpets, along with throws and scatter cushions. Fabrics aid in bringing in different textures to your room from velvets & wools to linens and cottons – these greatly help the ambience and comfort of a room and provide a feature that leather simply cannot.



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Although leather sofas have the slight advantage of being easier to clean, fabric sofas can still last a long time if you take care of it. If ordering leather be sure to make sure of the quality of hide you get. Some very cheap leather have been sold on the Irish market in recent years and are not as long lasting as people expect.

By vacuuming your fabric sofa weekly, and turning your cushions, your sofa will keep looking and feeling great over a longer period. Even if you do spill, it can be easily cleaned with certain products or just hire in a specialist steam cleaner. Also, in a few years time you have the advantage of coming back to Finline and getting your sofa re upholstered. At Finline we also provide some really hard wearing and durable fabrics in each of our collections. Call in to any Finline showroom to see the quality and wide array of fabrics we stock.



fabric sofas dublin furniture storesThere are many things you have to factor in as to what can determine the comfort of your sofa; structure, design and most important, fabric. Some like to sit right up others love to melt into their sofa. Leather tends to retain heat when your siting for long periods of time, which can be a problem during summer, when your wearing shorts and end up sticking to the sofa, then during winter, when sitting down on the leather first thing, its going to be cold. Fabric sofas have that certain comfort factor that leather sofas don’t. Fabric allows the sofa to breathe properly & the warm, cozy, soft textures from a fabric make it ideal for snuggling up with a good book, after a long day.


The next thing to do after you get your fabric sofa is to know how to take care of it. Read about it here.

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