Sofas Ireland and Bad Backs – What Are the Options?

According to a recent study by Pfizer, 50% of Irish adults have suffered from back pain and many have had back problems for a period of over five years. Not only can this cause people to miss an average of eleven days’ work per year, back pain can severely limit a person’s quality of life.

Finding the right sofa or chair can be a real challenge for someone whose needs are determined by chronic back pain: it’s really important to their well-being that their chosen sofa provides good support. Finline Furniture offers each customer an opportunity to specify elements of their sofa directly in line with their own individual requirements – and it doesn’t have to cost much more than a standard sofa in Ireland.

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What Does a Sofa Need to Give Good Support?

There are several factors to bear in mind when choosing a sofa that is suitable for a bad back:

  • A sofa must be firm, so that you don’t sink into it and lose support.
  • The sofa should be built in such a way that you can sit up straight on it, with your feet touching the floor; if it is too deep, you will be unable to sit in a position to support yourself. (People with bad backs & hips are often cautioned not to put their feet up while sitting on a couch or chair.)
  • Lumbar support is crucial – there should be pressure on your lower back (hence the tendency of many people with bad backs to place a cushion at their lower back).

Sofas in Ireland You Can Rely on for Support

Finline Furniture can proudly say that we provide for the wishes of the customer, whatever they may be. We offer bespoke furniture options. Every piece we make is handcrafted, and in addition to giving our customers the opportunity to choose from among standards options (such as choice of legs and fabric) we allow them to request a higher back for back & neck support. To browse our bespoke gallery, click here. We are well aware of the problems encountered by those with bad backs and hip replacements and are ready to tailor your sofa Ireland to maximise comfort. Furthermore, even in those cases where the customer requires specific alterations to their piece of furniture, it’s highly unlikely that we will need to raise our price by any more than 15%.

Unique choices that Finline offer to remedy some of your back and hip issues include:

  • Choice of cushion filling – from soft to firm
  • Raise the height of back cushions – providing support to the neck & head
  • Some models can provide extra lower lumber support (Greville, Grace, Cumbria & Palma)
  • Seat Height can be raised by 1” or 2” for taller people (on some models)

Sofas Ireland BackWith Finline Furniture, there is no middle man, and this has allowed us to offer superb value on a high quality product. In fact, we believe so strongly in the excellence of our products that we give a ten-year frame and construction guarantee. And all are sofas are made and designed in Ireland (our factory is in Emo, Co Laois along with extensive showrooms at the factory and also in Dublin on the Long Mile Rd). Between our commitment to excellence at a reasonable price and our ability to deliver bespoke furniture, we feel justified in claiming that ours are the best sofas Ireland has to offer.

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As we make every Finline piece here at our factory in Emo, our sales people understand what we can and cannot do for our customers. The more information you give us the more we can assist you in making the correct decision both in terms of comfort and style.

If you are one of the many people who puts up with back pain, Finline Furniture’s bespoke sofas & chairs might be just the thing for you. We’re only too happy to make the changes necessary to increase your comfort (some models cannot be altered but please talk with our sales staff who will assist you on making the right decision for you). We think of ourselves as the Home of Sofas in Ireland.

If you suffer from a bad back, or are simply interested in our wide array of exceptional furniture, please do not hesitate to contact us.