What are the latest trends in Fabric Sofas?

When it comes to furniture upholstery and Fabric Sofas, current fashions can have a strong influence on demand and what’s in vogue in one season can look dated in years to come. While some customers want to change their interiors regularly, in line with current trends, others look for classic styles and longevity that will stand the test of time.

That’s one of the reasons why Finline Furniture offers customers one of Ireland’s most extensive selections of fabric sofas, with thousands of different materials to choose from. So whatever your style preference – whether it’s contemporary, traditional, elegant or alternative – you can be confident that you’ll need to look no further than Finline to find the perfect fabric sofas for your home. See our guide on choosing an upholstery fabric.


Choice of over 3,000 Fabrics

You’re probably wondering how it is possible for us to find over 3,000 different types of sofa fabrics, right? The answer to that lies in our many years of experience, establishing relationships with highly respected mills globally.

We have been in the business of making wonderful furniture for over 35 years now so we know where to buy the very best quality fabrics that will satisfy our high quality standards – and yours! The sofa fabric selection here at Finline is unrivalled.

In fact, our buying team source materials from some of the best mills in the world in locations as diverse as Italy, Belgium, Turkey and the U.S. We know these suppliers offer the very best in the market and by buying direct, we can guarantee our customers some of the world’s finest fabrics for sofas at reasonable prices.
Top Tips: 2015 Fabric and Upholstery Trends for Sofas

  • Silvers, greys and copper tones are all in vogue – these simple, subtle, classic colours can enhance any living space by creating the feeling of opulence, luxury and interior style. And the good news is, these colours work across all styles from classic through to contemporary.
    See a sample of our selection in these colours here.Grey Palette
  • Sumptuous Textures – very much in fashion across the board, from couch fabrics, through to eclectic wallpapers!
  • Retro styling and funky designs are back – perhaps a reflection of the economic recovery which is finally taking hold?
  • Strong, distinctive styles – florals and ethnic prints are very popular this year, so don’t say we didn’t tell you! Many of the sofas at Finline are perfect for a patterned fabric. From the classic shapes of the Alexandra (insert link here) to the transitional shape of the Cumbria (insert link here), our range of sofa fabrics can be both distinctive and demure at the same time. Most of our range will have a pattern or medallion fabric accompanied with a stripe and / or plain fabric to tie the schemes together.Blue & Yellow

Your interior, your style, your fabrics!

While these tips might help to give you some direction when it comes to styling your home and choosing fabric for your sofas; at the end of the day we all have our own unique taste and there is no right or wrong, just personal preferences – whatever you like will be what’s right for you!

But if you do want to keep up to speed with the latest trends, check out these industry sites for more news on current fashions;




Call in to Finline Furniture – we can help!

Of course, nothing beats talking to someone who can steer you in the right direction. And chatting through your needs and touching and seeing the sample fabrics in the showroom is the quickest route to finding the perfect sofa fabric for your lifestyle.

Luckily, we don’t just know about fabrics, we also handcraft sofas here in Ireland so we are pretty good at understanding our customers’ requirements – whether you want to glam it up, mute it down or simply get something practical that the whole family can relax on. Our focus is on good manufacturing quality, huge choice & great advice.

Why not call into one of our stores in Emo, Co. Laois or on the Long Mile Road in Dublin and talk through your preferences with us?

Because when there are literally thousands of wonderful but very different sofa fabrics to choose from, a little face to face time with one of our experts will point you in the right direct, saving time and maybe even a little cost. We look forward to talking with you!