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For most people, buying a sofa is a significant investment. Whatever your price range and particular needs, it’s always wise to do the research and be confident that the sofa you buy will wear well and prove a good investment. Luckily, there are a number of things you can check to learn about the quality of the couch you are buying – bear these in mind and they’ll help you get the right sofa and the best deal. As the famous phase goes from Thomas Edison “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten”.

At Finline Furniture we hand-make our sofas at our own factory so we’re well aware of the components that go towards building a durable sofa. We pride ourselves on having the best sofas Dublin (and indeed Ireland) has to offer. Our Dublin showrooms are located on Long Mile Road, and we’d be delighted to welcome you in to browse the store and experience the superior quality of our sofas for yourself.

What Are the Features of a Durable Sofa?

A number of factors determine a sofa’s sturdiness and customers who want to get the best quality and value should take time out to test the furniture. Here are some of the things to consider:

  1. Frame: A sofa with a strong frame is a sofa that is likely to last;
  2. Springs: A sofa’s springs should be both firm and close together; if they don’t pass these two simple criteria, the product is not going to last long.
  3. Fillings: There are many options here: fibre; foam; feather; mix of feather & fibre. Since it outlasts other sorts and is most durable and comfortable over time, it is best to get high-density foam. At Finline we use a foam 50oz fibre wrapped cushion. And if you really want to get the very best in sofa fillings, feather mixed with fibres might be what you’re looking for. This is not as durable but gives a plush opulent look.
  4. Textiles: There is a lot to consider when it comes to fabrics. Wool and leather are strong but costly; cotton viscose, and linen can be attractive and comfortable; polyester in many circumstances this is your best bet for longevity & durability.

Finline Furniture – Superior Sofas Dublin

Quality design, superior raw materials and expert manufacturing all contribute to making a sofa robust and at Finline quality is at the heart of everything we do. We test every aspect of our sofas to ensure excellence.

Our sofas are hand-crafted and are made with the best frames on the market. We produce each frame from kiln dried hardwood beach, and we are so confident of the longevity these frames deliver that we provide a 10 year frame guarantee.

In terms of finish, Finline takes its fabrics from mills all around the world, and we have a vast range of materials and designs. Furthermore, we can upholster any fabric on any sofa, according to customer requirements. Drop into our Long Mile Road showrooms and get a good look at what’s on offer. It doesn’t take long to see our complete commitment to excellence – our customers can expect to enjoy their sofa for many years to come. And don’t forget about our bespoke furniture options. If you order from Finline, you’ll be able to alter various aspects of the sofa to your liking (for example, seat cushion density or fabric choice). Essentially, of the sofas Dublin (or anywhere in Ireland) can provide, Finline is your best bet in terms of combining durability and excellence.

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Should you decide to invest in a sofa, you can rest assured that a Finline product will stand the test of time and will effortlessly combine comfort and style with functionality. We understand that buying a sofa is a significant investment, and we feel confident in saying that if you buy from us, you’ll be glad you did – ours are the best sofas Dublin has to offer.

If you would like to hear more about our quality products and interior design expertise, why not drop into out Dublin showrooms (five minutes from the Red Cow roundabout), or contact us here. Our knowledge & experience can be a great assistance when looking for the sofa your home would love. From everyone at the Home of Irish Sofas, we look forward to your visit.