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sofa bed ireland dublin storesYou’ve invited your friends over for a late meal or drinks then you have to awkwardly direct them to a sleeping bag or a pull out bed, that has seen better days. You have just undone your great hosting skills from the day before by giving your guest a bad night sleep. It’s easy to overlook the comfort of a sofa bed; after all you may not be sleeping on it for long periods of time unlike your overnight guest.

You might be thinking, “But sofa beds are so uncomfortable and don’t look great” think again! Nowadays sofa beds no longer resembling that an unattractive, lumpy, squeaky and uncomfortable armless pullout that your grandma had. Today you can have the best of both worlds, a stylish sofa, during the day and then a comfortable sofa bed at night. Where you don’t have space for a designated guest room, sofa beds can offer a perfect solution. It can be used your living room, kitchen or in the office.

Here are just a few things to consider when choosing a Finline sofa bed:sofa bed ireland fabric sofas

A sofa bed is so much more then a piece of furniture for your overnight quest to sleep on, they now offer both a cozy night sleep and a luxurious sofa that will fit in to your current décor.

It’s also important to pick a sofa bed that’s easy to use and sturdy. You don’t want your guest feeling that they are going to break if they move while on it!


Measure your space first. Be sure there is be enough room in front of the sofa for it to be pulled out into a bed without it hitting the walls or blocking the doorway and also have enough space to walk around it.

sofa bed bespoke furnitreComfort

Visit one of our showrooms to have a sit and a lie on one of our sofa beds. Check it offers enough depth and gives good support for your back. Most importantly, be sure that you cannot feel any mechanisms through the cushions.

Test the bed by lying on it; you should not be able to feel the mechanisms beneath the mattress.

You should also test how it folds out and in. Our Finline sofa beds fold out smoothly and not involve much effort. The mechanism that we use is contract quality and has been supplied to Hotels all over the world.

Tips to make your sofa bed extra cozy for your questssofa bed ireland dublin furniture

  • You can purchase a mattress topper to bolster your existing mattress and provide additional comfort.
  • Dress your sofa bed in with quality bed linen; Egyptian cotton has a high thread count, which creates more comfort.
  • Don’t forget to flip your mattress regularly, 4 times a year is recommended. Giving your mattress a flip will prevent any deep depressions, keeping it flatter for longer.
  • You can NEVER have too many cushions. If you dress your sofa bed with cushions of varying sizes then these can double up as pillows when guests stay.
  • We have various sofa bed options to choose from. The bed width can be 4ft6” wide (standard double) or 3ft wide (single) and these can go into various models. See our sofa beds range here.

We offer 5 different sofa beds models,  The Clare, The Como, The ImperialThe Madison & a corner sofa bed, The Klaus in a range of exclusive fabrics.


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