Hotel Lobby Furniture – The Business Case for Investment

Hotel Lobby FurnitureFirst impressions are often a key influencer on people’s perception of their environment. The hotel lobby is the first image that confronts a customer when they enter the building. Studies have shown that the interior design of a venue influences customer’s opinion at an early stage of interaction, so it makes sense to plan out how that image will look and to make sure that an attractive and welcoming sight meets customers as soon as they arrive in the door. This can do wonders for overall customer satisfaction. Opting for quality when it comes to hotel lobby furniture is a must – given the powerful effect on customer satisfaction and the potential value of purchasing furniture that lasts the test of time. The cost of well chosen, high quality hotel furniture is an investment that can should pay dividends into the future.

Quality at an excellent price is your ideal scenario and this is exactly what we offer at Finline Furniture . We have been making furniture with our characteristic attention to detail for decades, and in that time many of the world’s best hotels have been customers of ours. The importance of good hotel lobby furniture shouldn’t be underestimated, and when you buy from us, you can be assured of getting great value as well as a competitive price.

The Benefits of Quality Furniture

It’s often difficult for hotel managers not to see furnishing, and indeed interior design in general, as a one-way expense; new furniture can seem costly however if you keep buying lower quality items they will need to be replaced very frequently which is not just an increased cost over the medium to long-term but also an inconvenience. On the other hand, good hotel lobby furniture will last for many years and sets the tone for your business – it is an extension of your brand. In a crowded market, individuality can be hard to achieve. One way for a hotel to stand out from its competitors is with a unique interior design and bespoke hand-made sofas are a great starting point to develop a unique style for your interior that differentiates your hotel form the rest.

What Does Finline Offer?

Finline Furniture has provided furniture for hotels all around the world, from London to Shanghai. In 2013 we were extremely proud to supply furniture for the G8 Summit of World Leaders in Lough Erne Hotel & Resort. More recently, we are just as proud to have won the contract to build furniture for the Prince of Abu Dhabi. Our products have been appreciated at prestigious locations across the globe (see a sample of the hotels we’ve furnished here.)

So what can you expect from Finline’s products? First of all, quality is at the heart of everything we do– we simply don’t compromise on quality. This approach starts with our robust springs and frames. We offer a 10 year frame and construction guarantee, and make use of strong Kiln Dried Hardwood Beech – ours are the most durable frames on the market. Finline will put any fabric on any frame, and there are over 3,000 fabrics to choose from. We obtain our products directly from mills all around the world (Italy, Belgium, and the USA are just a few examples), and offer fabrics of all sorts, from wool to cotton, from plaids to stripes. Our fabrics are organised by cost; from least to most expensive. Note that this is a scale of cost only; all our fabrics are extremely durable. Fundamentally, Finline’s fabrics are long-lasting, attractive, and sourced with care; and we take pride in offering great flexibility. If you wish to browse our collection, click here. We can also use designers own fabrics on any of our designs, meaning the choices are endless.

The furniture we make for hotels is made-to-measure, hand-crafted high quality items and our in-depth experience of working with hotels will help guide you in the right direction, where assistance is required. On top of that, you can rest assured that you will get great value.

Contact Us

If your hotel is considering is considering investing in new hotel lobby furniture, we would love to hear from you and to quote for the job. Alternatively you can drop into our showrooms in Dublin or Laois.