Home Accessories – What Works for your Living Room?

Home Accessories - What Works for Living Room? | Finline
How does a house become a home? That warm safe place where you can relax and put your feet up once the kids are settled or maybe sit back and watch TV after a hard day’s work at the office?

They say the heart of a home is in the kitchen but for many families the living room is where they can really kick back and relax, maybe reading a book, entertaining friends or getting the family together to watch the X Factor!

So how do you bring the living room to life and make it a place all the family will want to spend time in? Obviously bespoke furniture and the sofa fabric you use can make a significant impact and that’s a good place to start. Our furniture is made from quality materials and the combination of durability and uniqueness is what makes for great furniture – over time it becomes part of the home and part of the family.

In fact Finline Furniture is still taking orders for Christmas so talk to us straight away if you want to order new sofas or furniture.

Once the sofas, chairs and footstools are in place though, the next most important step is to find the right furniture accessories.

Home Accessories

To truly create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in a living room you need to accessorise effectively around the sofas and chairs. At Finline we offer a range of home accessories including rugs, lamps, wall art, coffee tables, side tables, throws and various other items. Here’s the whistle-stop tour on how to use them effectively

Consoles, end tables, lamp tables, coffee tables – these are important furnishings to finish a living room. A carefully positioned occasional table can change a space, it can highlight things that are important or meaningful to you or that you want to feature, such as sculptures, photos, books and candles. A lamp placed on a table at the end of a sofa can provide soft lighting for the seated reader.

Mirrors are very popular and have plenty of uses – practical and aesthetic, such as reflecting light to open up a space and to generally enhance a room; a large mirror in a small room can create the illusion of depth. For example. Placing mirrored furniture next to a wall in a small room can make it look like the floor extends beyond the wall and gives the illusion of extra floor space.

Floor lamps, table lamps and down lights work well in Living Rooms, as the lighting should be part of the décor. The best lit rooms have layers of light that blend well together. Look at patterns and textures too – the right lampshade can also make all the difference, co-ordinated colour can be brought into the space with the use of Table Lamps.

Rugs can set the tone, add texture and integrate with the colour scheme. They add a comfort factor to your living space, again providing a way of introducing the pop of colour into your space.

Throws are also very useful and the right throw can add pattern, colour and warmth to your room. It can also introduce new textures and also provides a fresh look at a low cost.

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Our range of home accessories is constantly evolving and accessories and their design change over the seasons.  To have a look at our collection please drop in and see us at any one of our three stores/showrooms in Dublin, Cork or Laois. Our friendly staff, many of whom are professional interior design experts, will be happy to assist you with any accessory queries you might have. We look forward to meeting you soon.

And don’t forget – home accessories make for great Christmas presents!