Furniture Stores Dublin – What Makes a Store Better than the Rest?

Furniture Stores DublinBuying a good quality sofa is a worthwhile investment. Getting the best possible value is always a consideration, and there are a number of ways for the savvy customer to make sure they make the most of their budget without compromising on quality. Of course, to say that something is good value is not necessarily to say that it’s cheap. Ideally you will get a high quality product at a fair price. People usually keep and enjoy their sofas and other furniture for years, so it makes sense to be sure that it’s aesthetically pleasing, fits in with the  rest of your interior and functions well for its required purpose.

The furniture stores Dublin offers include a wide variety of shopping experiences; knowing where to start is half the battle in the search for quality furniture. Well there are a few things to look out for when selecting a supplier or retailer and here at Finline, we believe we have covered off all the key requirements – after many decades of working closely with individual domestic buyers and the trade.

The Features of a Good Furniture Store

Quality, value, and service – these are three important things to keep in mind when choosing your furniture store.

Quality: Durability is a key consideration when buying a sofa. You want your item to last as long as possible, and so it needs to be carefully built with the right materials. Also it makes sense  to think about the warranty your sofa comes with. And, naturally, the presence of a helpful salesperson throughout the process goes a long way to helping you to make the best buy, given your requirements and budget.

Finline’s Answer: Finline always puts a premium on quality. Each and every part of our sofas is tested rigorously, so our customers can feel sure in the knowledge that only the most robust materials are used in constructing our furniture (we use premium quality kiln dried hardwood beach for our frames). In fact, such is our confidence in the quality of our frames and springs that we offer a ten-year frame and construction guarantee. The foams we use in the seat are the densest and most durable and the fabrics that we import from the best mills in the world are all of the best upholstery quality. Always remember: our staff are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Whatever your needs may be, Finline’s experienced team, which includes professional interior designers, will be happy to guide you in your search. As we make the sofas ourselves our sales staff are experienced in our manufacturing techniques and can will use their experience in advising on what best for you. For these reasons we consider ourselves to be one of the best furniture stores Dublin has to offer.

Value: Much that has been said about quality applies also to price. Since a sofa is a long-term investment, it only makes sense to buy an item that will last. The key is to focus not on price, but on value for money; a low quality sofa that requires replacing within a few short years may be cheap, but will ultimately prove to be poor value. The key here is good raw materials, proven manufacturing processes and finding a company with a good track record.

Finline’s Answer: Finline hand-crafts all our sofas and chairs and it would be hard to find a company with a better track record from the furniture stores Dublin has to offer. For 35 years Finline Furniture has been constructing high quality sofas in line with customers requirements and we have dealt with almost every imaginable scenario along the way. We have always been motivated to design and build sofas to delight each customer.

Service: The level of customer service you receive from your furniture store is extremely important and it should help influence your decision in the right direction for your lifestyle and home. Having interior experts who know the key things you should consider can prove extremely valuable when it comes to choosing the right sofa. Lead time and delivery is another important consideration. Delivery cost and delivery time can both be factored into your decision and lead time is particularly important if you are buying furniture for an upcoming event or deadline such as Christmas or having family to stay.

Finline’s Answer: Finline’s sofas are hand-crafted therefore like all quality items, time is needed to make your furniture. However we have a long-standing, flexible local team of experienced employees, many of whom have been with us for 20 years – we can respond quickly to customer demand and our manufacturing experience allows us to estimate time-frames accurately. Also because we manufacture inhouse; there are no third-party delays for Irish buyers e.g. waiting for shipping or logistical issues  When it comes to delivery, we use only our trusted partners, with whom we have been working for years. The cost of delivery is usually between €60 and €100, and you can always pick up your furniture at our factory in Emo, Co. Laois.

At Finline Furniture we tick all the crucial boxes when it comes to providing the very best in sofas. Customers can feel confident that we are among the very best furniture stores Dublin has to offer.

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