Guide to Buying Furniture. How to Choose a Sofa That Will Last Forever

Finline Furniture Store Cork. Handmade to Your Specifications

New Furniture Store Cork

Cork is now home to Ireland’s premier sofa store. Finline Furniture Store Cork, where the furniture is as much about adding luxury to your living space as it is about comfort. Family owned and run by masters in hand crafted pieces; this new showroom represents the ideal furniture store for quality sofas, chairs, living room furniture and more.

We give our highly skilled craftsmen the artistic licence to create beautiful, eye catching, unique sofas and chairs. Customised pieces tailored to the customer’s specifications include options around size, style and design – which facilitates the customer to be a part of the creative process but only if you want to be! Equally we have the inhouse expertise to advise you on the best options given your requirements.

This latest Cork furniture showroom offers the people of Munster and the locality unique access to these bespoke, hand-crafted Irish furniture products. In addition to our showrooms on the Long Mile Road, Dublin and in Emo, Co Laois, the new showroom is based at St Patrick’s Woollen Mills, Douglas in Cork. Locating in Cork extends the furniture stores reach to the south west and gives Irish people a greater opportunity to get value for money for high quality sofas.

Guide to Choosing a Good Furniture Showrooms

Anyone looking to buy a piece of furniture, a table, wardrobe or sofa may already have a list of criteria in their head which the perfect piece should meet. Size, shape, comfort, style, fabric, colour and price are to name but a few of the influencing factors. Often a shopper will settle for a sofa which meets some but not all of these criteria. A good furniture store gives the customer an opportunity to specify and design a sofa that ticks every box. Combine this with expert craftsmanship and great customer service and you won’t be dis-appointed when you visit Finline Furniture in Cork.

When choosing your furniture store what should you look out for?

1. Quality

The quality of the furniture is essential. Durability is a must when buying a sofa therefore the raw material used in each stage of our manufacturing process is robust. Similarly to the other stores, our Finline Furniture Store Cork will have our extensive fabric selection sourced directly from mills across the globe.

2. Value

Price is not always a good indicator of value. Getting value for money is the objective for the savvy consumer and the same applies to furniture shoppers. The art of furniture shopping is to find quality items at a price that represents value. A fair price for a good quality product offers long-term value for money whereas buying furniture at a low price does not necessarily warrant value over time – you may well find yourself replacing the furniture in a few short years.

But buying furniture is more than just a long term investment. For some people the investment is as much emotional as it is financial, therefore a sofa should feel good and look good to the owner; as well as last a long time. At Finline Furniture we understand that. Quality raw materials merged with a tried and tested manufacturing process is a strong combination. Finline furniture stores Cork now offers local consumers the opportunity select well-made pieces which will stand the test of time without breaking the bank. Finline Furniture’s newest home at Douglas Woollen Mills Cork gives you the chance to get great value for your money.

3. Customer Service

The level of customer service you receive is what separates our great sofa store form the competition. Having expert interior designers to guide you in your selection is invaluable for a furniture store. A customer should also consider lead time and delivery time when selecting a furniture store in Cork. Knowledgeable in-store sales staff with a strong understanding of the manufacturing process required for individual pieces can offer accurate estimations of lead times for the customer’s convenience.

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sofa

1. Online Research.

Do your research online. Save yourself hours of browsing from store to store searching for the right piece. Visit our website where you can refine your search and allow you to see certain models, shapes, sizes, fabrics and finishes. It will also give you an idea of general market prices which is useful when searching for value.

2. Come Prepared

Knowing the dimensions of your ideal sofa saves a lot of time. Measuring out the walls, windows and doorways of the room being furnished gives you an idea of what size the sofa should be. Coming into the store with a simple sketch of the room with the dimensions labelled allows our in-store staff to visualise the space and make appropriate recommendations.

3. Come on Down

Once you’re in store take your time. Avoid any impulsive decisions while browsing. Take advantage of the excellent customer service provided. The more information you provide our staff with the easier it is for us to help you choose the perfect sofa.

4. Choose What Best Fits You

Ensure your decision is the right one, for you, your personality and your home. In showrooms it’s easy to be diverted. Many different sofa styles and colour combinations can be distracting but knowing exactly what you’re looking for in terms of style and comfort prevents impulsive purchasing.

5. Customise

Once the piece is chosen it’s now your turn to get creative. At our sofa store Cork we give the customer the opportunity to put their own stamp on the furniture making it truly unique. We offer a range of fabrics and bespoke options which allow the customer to alter the size, texture and colour of the sofa.

6. Sit Back and Relax

Once the order is in for sofas Cork, for you the hard work is done. We set to work creating the ideal hand-made sofa tailored to your specifications and within 6-8 weeks you’ll be relaxing on your new sofa in the comfort of your new home. Enjoy.

Visit Furniture Store Cork

Now you’re fully informed about the considerations – both for choosing a furniture store in Cork and for choosing the right sofa – visit our showroom or check out the site to preview options. We look forward to meeting you.