Footstools and Headboards Combine Luxury with Practicality

Footstools and Headboards Combine Luxury with Practicality from Finline Furniture

Often when you look around a luxurious bedroom or a comfortable living room, it’s hard to put your finger on what makes it look so attractive. Usually you need to get a number of factors right to create an attractive interior – good furniture, appealing fabrics, colours that blend or contrast well and the clever use of lighting. While the core elements are obvious, as any interior designer will tell you, often the devil is in the detail and it’s the less obvious components of a room that can really help to give it that sense of luxury. In this article we discuss two often over-looked pieces of furniture – footstools and headboards – that give interiors not only a sense of indulgence but also offer the home-owner real practical benefits too.

Finline Furniture specialises in bespoke furniture and we offer customers a very extensive range of options in terms of both footstools, like Ottomans and headboards and we encourage clients to check through our galleries of both on our footstools and headboards web pages.

Footstools, Storage Stools & Ottomans

When you sit down in the evening after a long day, there’s nothing nicer than to be able to relax, chat, maybe watch the TV and to put your feet up for a few hours. Footstools offer great leg support and because they are typically on wheels or easy to move, you can position them into an ideal place for your comfort. They can act as tray holders at the centre of your room providing function and in some instances a centre piece that shouts “wow”. But they can also offer a superb storage place for items you want to keep handy and easily accessible in the living room – but not necessarily on view. When you close the cover of a footstool, it’s almost impossible to tell that it is a storage space and it’s so convenient to have this extra space right in the heart of your lounge.

Finline Furniture offers a wide selection of footstool models, which can be bought on a stand-alone basis or to complete a set of bespoke furniture made in our factory. You can choose a size and shape to suit your room and the footstool will be made to exact dimensions to suit your interior. Similarly you can choose the fabric, leg and model type – and if you need advice or help on which would suit you best, our interior designers are on hand to give you advice and support in choosing the right option. We handcraft Ottomans, Ottolongs, Deep Buttoned Footstools, Lift Lid Storage Stools and many other models.

Headboards for Luxury and Comfort

Footstools and Headboards Combine Luxury with Practicality by Finline Furniture

In the past, bespoke handmade headboards would have been considered to be the preserve of millionaire mansions or high-end hotel rooms. Happily they are now very popular for both homes and apartments across Ireland and they offer an affordable way to add luxury to any bedroom.  Customers can choose from a wide selection of Headboards styles and sizes and they can be made with an extensive range of fabric choices too. Standard sizes include 4ft, 4ft 6”, 5ft & 6ft headboards however as these are made to your specifications, we can supply you with your exact specifications, as required.


Professional Advice

Whether you’re looking for a headboard, footstool or a complete re-vamp of a living room, Finline Furniture has the professional expertise to give you the best advice. Our furniture is hand-made in Ireland by master furniture makers – why not call into one of our showrooms in Dublin, Cork or Laois now and discuss your requirements with us – we look forward to meeting you!


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