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Netflix & Chill on a Comfy Finline Sofa!!!!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, it’s 2’ o clock in the morning, we have to be up for work in 5 hours, but we cant stop the temptation to watch another episode on Netflix. Your choice of sofa can make or break a Netflix marathon. Choose sensibly and you and your family can sit like kings and queens. Here’s how to find the perfect Finline sofa or corner sofa for your living room that can create the maximize comfort for your next binge on Netflix.

Cushion density 

Do you want to sink down or sit up?

Often customers don’t realise they can decide the type of cushion to be used in their bespoke couches and chairs; in fact you can specify whether you like soft, medium or firm cushions and if you’re not sure, call into the showrooms and you can try them all out for comfort! However for maximum durability and comfort on your bespoke Irish made couches, we will always recommend the medium density cushions.

netflix finline furnitrueSofas

Choosing a sofa isn’t to be taken lightly, your Finline Sofa will determine how comfortable you are when watching the latest binge worthy Netflix shows. By choosing to stay in on a Finline Sofa, you will know comfort and will put any cinema seats to shame.

ComoFinline Furniture Testimonial - #TheFinlineLook

With its contemporary high and narrow arms with accompanying side bolster, this model offers you a neat design with the comfort of any of our sofas. It can be bespoke made to suit your room. Como Sofas epitomise contemporary living while still providing well-deserved comfort. The Como is available as a sofa or chair but more often people chose it as it can be made as a corner sofa. Its neatness gives the performance of a loungy sofa without taking up your sitting room space.


The Malton Collection has a contemporary feel in a compact size. The sofa’s and chairs are 37” high & 36” deep, achieving a natural balance, and suiting most regular heights. The Malton has (what we call) tulip-shaped arms; they are not bulky, giving the Malton a streamlined look.

Malton has modern blocky foot; available in a light or dark wood finish. It suits a modern home or apartment, and it will look great in your TV room or kitchen. The Malton looks ideal in modern plain and plain textured fabrics, but also suits a striped classic fabric.

Madisonfabric sofa bespoke furniture ireland

The word most used to describe the Madison Sofa Collection is “tailored”. The Madison arms are neat, the back cushions have a pleasing modern look, the angled side-cushions have a softening effect on the squareness of the Madison, and the base of the sofa is finished with a skirt (or without a skirt, if that’s your preference).

Put all these element together and what is presented is a cool, elegant and sophisticated collection. Like all Finline models, you can choose to have the Madison made up in the fabric of your choice and currently the most popular look for the Madison in plain and textured plain fabrics, and using a contrast piping (this gives a really crisp look to the finished piece), and of course you can use a self-piped finish if you wish.

Finline Furniture Testimonial - #TheFinlineLookCorner Sofas

The Finline Corner Sofa or L Shaped Sofa are all made to order. We build them to suit your room. Take a look at the various designs and bespoke options we have and choose one that fits your style. We have chunky and deep corner sofas, we also have neater ones to suit smaller rooms. You can add a chaise to the end or include a storage stool or even remove an arm so it doesn’t get in the way of the all-important TV viewing!! All of these models are available in any of our fabric collections.

Here are just a few Netflix worthy corner sofas so you and all your family can sit together.

Coloradocorner sofas l shaped sofa

This is designed for “true comfort” and offers a relaxing haven of deep comfy seats.

People are often looking for deep comfortable corner sofas that you can relax in, lie back in, sprawl out in front of the TV, watching a movie, or the big game!

If this is what you are looking for, then your search might be over. The Colorado has square chunky arms and can come with fibre filled seat cushions (super-soft) or regular foam filled. The sofa or corner group combination (with or with a chaise) is the king of every day comfort.

Atlas Corner Sofa Finline Furniture


If you’re looking for added back support, this is a great option and it comes with luxury padded arms too.

One of the biggest draws in the Finline showrooms has to be the Corner sofas. Each model has it’s own individual merits, and so we come to the Greek Gods of our collection, the Atlas.

The Atlas Collection is a series of corner, sofas, footstools & island units, and the Apollo armchair. The Atlas group features the highest back of all the corner groups, which is very supportive, given the generous 107cm depth of the Atlas pieces. Even the very tall amongst us, finds this a very comfortable and supportive model.

The Atlas features a Saddle arm, which in linen, velvets and textured fabrics, gives it a very tailored Italian look. In the casual cord velvets, it looks squashy and inviting, a sofa to spend the long Irish winter’s in. The matching chair for the Atlas is the Apollo Arm- chair. This Atlas can finish with a chaise also.

Love Seats

The romantic Finline Love Seat, is ideal for those date nights with the other half. You can sit very comfortable on a love seat while you can still snuggle up with your partner. All Finline Models can be made into a Love Seat



Sofa Beds

sofabeds ireland bespoke furniture fabric sofa

And last our list of Finline’s Netflix sofas are Sofa beds. They are very handy when you pull an all night binging on Netflix.

We have 5 different options of Sofa Beds available to put our action into.









Klaus – Corner Sofa Bed


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