8 Inside’s Tips for Choosing a Comfy Couch

The longer nights are rolling in which means cozy evenings by the fire. Irish Country Living, Ciara Leahy, has the advice you need if you’re planning on purchasing a new couch for those winter chill outs.


With plenty of retailers in own location, a shopping trip to the Ploughing means you get to maximize your research when it comes to big purchases. Finline Furniture were at the Ploughing, offering, discounts in their showrooms in Laois, Cork and Dublin, Ciaran Finane of Finline Furniture has tips you need to consider when making your purchase.


1 Do Your Research

 Get online or start drawing inspiration from magazines. Before you even step inside a shop, have a good idea of what you like – but remain open-minded to professional advice. Take pictures of the room your new couch will sit in, so the person helping you make your purchase understands its orientation. Also consider snapping a few images of other rooms in the house, so they have an idea of the style of furniture you like.



If your room is a blank canvas place newspapers on the ground to determine how big you want your couch to be. This will help you avoid overcrowding. Also if you already have carpet, curtains or other fabrics you need to match in with your couch, try bringing in samples.


2 Sturdy Frame

Bend the knees and lift. The simplest test to see if your couch has a sturdy frame is to feel the weight of it. Well-constructed furniture is extremely heavy and you’re looking for a frame that is made from hardwood material, such as beech. Harwood frames are kiln dried to get rid of any moisture from the frame. Softwood frames, on the other hand, are more likely to bend or twist over time, leading to creaking noises in your furniture or, worse, cracking.

La Scala Frame & Alexandra Frame

 3 Spring Success

The best types of springs are the ones you never know are there. Most Irish manufactures use serpentine or coil-sprung springs to produce a real comfy sofa. Watch out, though: many imports simply use webbing, as it’s less expensive. This doesn’t have longevity and isn’t considered as comfortable. If the webbing is very rigid, it will feel to hard. If it’s not rigid enough, it’s going to sag over time.



4 Shape Up

Do your research but remain open minded – especially when it comes to shape. Although the decision on shape often comes down to personal preferences, don’t forget the practicalities. Large armrests might look fantastic but they tend to be used on a larger couch. Can your room accommodate it? L-shaped couches are very modern looking, but they do utilize space better. Fabrics can often achieve the look you want, so try to be more practical in your approach to shape.

Madison Sofa Alexandra Sofa & Como Corner Sofa

5 Get Your Back Up

Pillow back or standard back, the choice is yours. Generally, the pillow back looks more opulent and is very pleasing on the eye – but it does take more maintenance to constantly have them plumped, especially with kids around. Comfort wise, the standard back usually wins out, and they are certainly the more popular options. Some people might have a big room with two couches, and many opt for a mix of both, choosing the standard back couches as the couch they sit on the most.

For someone with back issues, they should also look for a shape that has a lumbar support, with more plumping in the lower part of an armchair that is solely theirs and offers excellent head support as well.

Elijah Pillow back & Elisha Standard back


6 Determine Depth

When it comes to depth, don’t over think it. The greatest test is simply sitting your bum down, seeing where your legs fall and sussing out if it feels right to you. Sometimes (especially for smaller people) if your feet aren’t hitting floor, it might not be the depth of the couch but the height of the cushions. Stores like Finline Furniture can adjust the height of the legs on the couch to give a height that works better for you.


7 Finding Fabric

You’ve got the frame, you’ve determined the shape. When it comes to the overall effect, though, choosing the right fabric is key – and potentially very confusing, as there is so much choice.

Remember: you have options though. If you can’t decide between patterned or plain, consider mixing and matching. A patterned couch can be complimented by a plain armchair that’s adds a pop of colour. If you’ve got kids and are looking for something durable, lines and cotton fabrics are very hardwearing. So is polyester and it’s very good value for money.

If you’re looking for more opulent feel, consider velvet or chenille – but that will be reflected in the price. Shiny fabrics usually sit well in big rooms, but they aren’t the most comfortably, so are often considered for the occasional sitting room, rather than the everyday living room.

No matter what fabric you opt for, make sure to bring a few samples home and see what it looks like in the in the natural light of your room. And when it comes to colour, winter white and cream may not be best idea – so don’t be afraid of beige and light grey. Remember: everything can be steam cleaned in situ.


8 The Price Is Right

If you’re looking for a well-made sofa, expect prices to start at €800. However, remember these are starting prices. You also need to budget for extras. For example, your choice of fabric can really affect price. Remember to budget footstools too, which could be a couple of hundred euro extra. Arm protectors or throws may be another €50, while achieving the buttoned effect on your fabric could be an extra €100. And some retailers will charge extra for scatter cushions.

Finline Furniture customers make couches depending on your requirements. For example, they can size it to fit perfectly in your room or provide a higher back for someone who is very tall, but this service is an extra 15% as they are making it exactly to your requirements.

Finally, you may be offered Scotch Guarding as an additional service, but it isn’t that necessary. Steam cleaning can do the job perfectly well.




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