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14666052_10154693191672318_871494127861996435_nAll of Finline’s fabrics are sourced directly from mills around the world, like Italy, Belgium, USA and Turkey. Our design team goes to the fabric shows to bring you the most up to date exclusive fabrics. Our range of fabrics are always updated, we have fabric to suit any interior style and caters for all tastes, from classic and traditional to contemporary and modern. We have plush velvets, wools, cotton, plaids, linens, cottons, stripes, medallions, patterns with all sorts of designs and everything in between.


Our Pricing Structure – how it works

Any fabric can be used on any sofa or chair. The choice of fabric determines the price of the sofa, this makes a Finline Suite affordable for all budgets. Our fabrics fall into 5 price grades:

Bronze Collection

Silver Collection

Gold Collection

Platinum Collection

Platinum Plus Collection

Many of our fabrics are very durable, and the cost of each fabric grade has no says in the wear ability on them. Should you require us to post a sample of any of our fabrics please contact us at [email protected].


We would recommend you visit one of our 3 showrooms to see for yourself what we have to offer, as nothing beats seeing and touching the fabrics in person. If you wish to see the fabric on line click here.


14947604_10154748132642318_5031588787401495717_nHow to choose fabric

Velvets, plaids and plains…so much to choose from!!!
We have a huge range of fabrics that will suit you and your home. So how do you start to choose the perfect fabric for you?


Things To Consider When Choosing A Finline Fabric



The fabric should be suited to the style and character of your sofa. A traditional model like our Gandon will be more suited with a traditional fabric, like Pendragon. You also have to take into account if you’re going for a stripe, the width of it. Large stripes look better in a large room.

Consider the overall mood you want to achieve in your room, choosing a warm or cool colour and help with this.



The colour of the fabric is one of the main reason people choose it. But certain colours may not be best for durability. If you have kids or pets in the house choose dark colour so dirt doesn’t show up as easily. If you are putting the suite in an area exposed to sunlight, the light colour the better as most fabrics will be affected by direct sunlight.



Will the sofa be in a room with heavy traffic? Then consider going for a tough, durable, tightly woven fabric – we have many of these in each collection. If you room is not going to be used to often, and just used for something like special occasions, you can opt for a more opulent fabric.



Regardless of colour, texture or grade, you should pick fabrics that serve your needs, in the sense of practicality and fashion. So don’t settle for anything you’re not in love with. Don’t be shy, and ask one of our sales staff and interior décor specialist, who know about the latest trends in the market and who know what fashions are coming down the line. Make sure to choose a fabric that you can truly LIVE with. And remember if you choose to re decorate your room we can always re-upholster your sofa or chair, so it will look like new again.


15220259_10154836475092318_2149267131063807019_nUsing Your Own Fabric


Even with over 4,000 fabrics some customers like to provide their own fabric. All our sofas and chairs can be made using customers own fabric.

Please contact us on [email protected] and we can advise the amount of metres we need to handcraft your perfect Finline sofa. Please note all fabric provided to us must be Fire Treated as required by Irish Law. Furniture covered using customers own fabric are charged at our Bronze Collection prices.


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For all your queries, please ask any of our sales staff & interior décor specialists who are up to date with the latest trends in the market and to know what fashions are coming down the line. Please visit any of our three showrooms in Douglas, Cork; Long Mile Rd, Dublin or Factory Showrooms in Emo Co Laois.

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