Corner Sofas to Suit Your Space and Style

People often assume that its necessary to buy corner sofas and other furniture in standard sizes and fabrics and that it may be too expensive to order a bespoke piece. The reality however is very different and with Finline Furniture all our corner sofas are bespoke yet they cost little more than buying a ready-made sofa.

This is especially relevant given the nature of a corner sofa; that it needs to fit appropriately into a specific, very well defined space. So it is particularly important to consider buying a sofa that fits like a glove into the allocated area. It’s well worth the effort of ordering exact measurements for a bespoke corner sofa so that it is a perfect fit for the room – as often this will help define the amount of living space in the room as well as the size of the sofa itself.

Corner Sofa

Our team includes not only expert furniture manufacturers but also inhouse interior designers with extensive experience in helping customers make the right choice for their home, hospitality facility or office reception area.

Corner Sofas and Sample Corner Groups

You’ll find it re-assuring to have expert advice on hand as without it, the level of choice may seem daunting. However if you call to one of our showrooms, not only can we talk you through the choices but there are many sample sofas on show and you can see (or sit on!) some of the different options for yourself. Please bring approximate measurements of the room and where the windows & doors are located and we can help choose a corner group scheme that fits into your room perfectly.

We have also developed a set of sample designs and images of bespoke corner sofas that we have previously hand crafted for customers to help you through the process of choosing the best options. These 6 groups are available to view on the Corner Groups section of our website and include;

  • Colorando
    This is a very relaxing and comfortable range, perfect for snuggling into on a Sunday morning
  • Como
    This contemporary range has narrow arms and it’s a very neat and affordable corner sofa.
  • Atlas
    Renowned for its padded arms, this is a durable and comfy corner sofa. It has the tallest back for extra support.
  • Nolan Chaise
    If you prefer legs on your sofa, this is a great choice and it is also a neat fit for any room.
  • Colorando Chaise
    Take the weight off your feet and relax in style on these deep, comfortable seats.
  • Aslan
    This is our corner group on legs with a slightly more formal and traditional arm.

Corner Sofas – More Choices

Naturally you can specify not only the dimensions and fabrics for your corner sofa but also a whole range of other components including

  • Cushion density
    You can choose soft, medium or firm cushions. In terms of longevity, usually medium cushions are the best option.
  • Specification of the physical frame
    The depth of a corner sofa is standard as there is a known, proven comfortable depth that we work however the width of the frame can hand-crafted to be the perfect fit for your space. Our range of corner sofas provide for different attributes – very low & deep, high back; shallow depths; high legs; narrow arms; chunky arms – each model group has its distinct factors. Our sales staff are always happy to explain which ones might suit you.
  • Extra soft furnishings
    The little touches can really make the difference to the look and feel of your corner group – whether it is scatter cushions, a throw, or even some extra fabric. We can provide any little extras you may require. Footstools, islands & storage stools are very handy and provide a nice detail to any room along with the added comfort and function they provide.
  • Special designs for bad backs– corner sofas and chairs can be a nightmare for people with bad backs and very often customers will request a higher back cushion for neck and back support, or even a slight increase in the seat height. It’s all easy to do and can make a big difference to your day-to-day health and comfort.

Get in Touch!

Call us today and chat with one of our experienced design team about your furniture requirements – add your own personal touch to our industry expertise in hand crafted furniture; for the perfect piece! At Finline “The Home of Irish Sofas” we bespoke make each individual customer order, providing for fabric choice, leg choice, and degree of softness/firmness & size of sofas to ensure our customers enjoy their unique Finline piece for many years.