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There’s loads of great reasons why people choose corner sofas but typically it’s because they are perfect to make the most of a smaller space or to simply complete the corner of a larger room with something luxurious and useful. Also, with the growth of apartment living in Ireland, the corner sofa is seen as an attractive, practical option that not only optimises the available space but can also help to structure a room and to make it look comfortable and welcoming.

By their nature then, the corner sofa needs to fit perfectly into the space available so a little planning is advisable. This short and simple Buyers Guide is designed to help you work through the choices you can make to specify the best option as obviously not only the space – but also your own taste and lifestyle – need to be taken into consideration. We’ve written the Guide effectively as a Checklist to help you design the best corner sofa to meet all your needs but don’t forget we have a team of professional, experienced in-store interior designers so if you want a helping hand in looking at the options, do visit your nearest store in Dublin, and we’ll help define your requirements. But you’ll find it useful to read this guide initially to help you focus on the main decisions you need to consider.

Step 1 – What are the corner sofas dimensions?

Corner Sofas Buyers Guide by Finline FurnitureIf there’s one piece of advice you take away from reading this article; let this be it! Before you visit Finline Furniture to discuss buying corner sofas, take measurements of the room (view our measurement guide)– obviously we need the measurements for the wall(s) the sofa will be positioned against however we also need to know the measurements of all walls and any features such as doors, fireplaces and windows, as this defines the space available for the corner unit. Often it’s useful to also show the position of the TV.

Don’t worry though – you don’t need any complicated graphic, a simple line drawing with the dimensions it’s all that’s required.

Step 2 – Choose the Style

There is a wide range of options in terms of the style of corner sofa you choose and you can view corner sofas on the site however as Finline manufactures bespoke furniture,  bear in mind we can handcraft your sofa to your exact requirements. You can choose to have no arms, arms on one or both ends of the sofa, you can add a chaise or day bed or a footstool. Often one important factor is whether the sofa should be left-arm or right-arm facing. We manufacture each corner sofa to suit our customer’s needs. For rooms that are not too large we have corner sofas that are neat and don’t use up too much space (The Como & The Aslan) or for big rooms we have corner sofas that a deep and sprawling we have chunkier models (The Colorado & The Atlas).


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Step 3 – Choose the Fabric

You’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of fabrics when you visit us, as we probably offer the most extensive choice of fabrics in the country! However don’t feel over-whelmed; check out our current fabrics in the comfort of your own home as these are shown on our website. You can also read our guide to choosing fabrics. Then if you need advice and guidance, talk to us in-store and we’ll discuss the best option for your corner sofa. We’ll make it easy to find the best option.

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Step 4 – Final Considerations

Remember you are buying bespoke furniture (at surprisingly reasonable cost!) so there are other final considerations you may want to discuss with us that will help specify the ideal corner sofa – we can adapt your units to take into account considerations like bad backs, a preference for soft, medium or firm cushions and if you prefer more support on your back & neck we can adjust the corner sofa back heights to suit you as well.


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