Choosing The Perfect Chair

Trying to balance the current style of your furniture with no compromise on comfort can be difficult. An Occasional chair or Armchair can have a huge impact on the design of a room; it can make or break the space around it. What works in one space may not work in another, consider the following points when you decide which chair will be perfect for you.


What do you need it for?

Are you after a small chair that just sits perfectly at the end of your bed, or maybe a chair to sit in the hallway? Then a statement piece is what you are after. This is a chair that probably won’t be getting much sitting, so fabric and styles are more important here. As a statement piece, it’s considered a feature item; maybe go with something slightly oversized to make more of an impact.


If you are a fan of contemporary design, the DylanHolly & Harvard Chairs are a perfect choice, with its narrow arms and simple styling. It’s compact and ideal if you have a small space or corner.

Go for Quality

The key to any good furniture is quality. We’re not blowing our own horn but our brilliantly handcrafted chairs have really sturdy hardwood kiln-dried beech frames and come with a 20 year frame guarantee. We comfy test all our sofas and chairs, making sure they are filled with the best and most comfortably foams & fibres that makes them so cozy.



You might be looking for a statement piece or maybe it’s just something cozy to sit on at the end of day while you read your favorite book, Finline has it all. Whether you’re a fan of modern style or something a bit more traditional, whether your after a chair to fill an awkward corner or just to finish off look in the living room, Finline have a vast range of styles and exclusive fabrics to suit all tastes and any budgets. We can make loves seats to suit particular spaces or make larger occasional chairs to suit bigger spaces or taller people – see our King Chair



What is the chair being used for? A large chair to cozy up to by the fire? A small chair for a corner in your bedroom? Is it being used as part of a sociable space? Or just filing up extra space created in the hallway? Think these questions over so your area doesn’t become over crowded or cramped.

Chopin Chair, Clare, Aisling Chair


With a bit of love and care, your chair should last a lifetime. Choosing the right fabric can have major influence on the longevity of your furniture. If you are after something with a warm cozy feel, wool is a great choice, however a linen mix is great if you after something a bit more informal. Pick loud and bold colours or large funky prints or strips to create a statement look, matching your personality – matching cushions or footstools or even curtains can create a real WOW factor.

Imperial, Lisa & Tub Chair

Mix & Match

You don’t need to co-ordinate you sofas or other seating in your living space; occasional chairs are ideal for mixing and matching with your current furniture. You can highlight your own personality by introducing a chair using different styles or fabrics which can have some impact in you room.

Maybe it’s not one chair you’re after, but two, and what’s the best thing about having two chairs? You don’t have to match, you can count them has separate pieces and can blissfully co exist together.






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by Sarah, Head of Digital Marketing.