Consider Bespoke Furniture to suit your style….

Bespoke Furniture While many customers are happy to buy furniture in standard dimensions and fabrics, there are good reasons to consider working out the kind of shape, style and dimensions that would suit your room and lifestyle best and then specifying exactly what you’d like.

Many people don’t appreciate that bespoke furniture is a realistic option and with Finline, bespoke sofas and chairs don’t cost more than buying standard products. That’s because our furniture is hand-crafted in the factory and each sofa is made-to-order so the additional cost of bespoke furniture in Ireland is typically only about 15% over the off-the-shelf price.

By specifying furniture to suit your own needs, you’ll enjoy extra comfort, satisfaction and pleasure over the years, having invested time and care in choosing each element of the item to suit your home and way of life. All our sales staff have great experience in advising our customers on sizes and shapes of corner sofas, bespoke chairs and the variations that we can provide. There are certain limitations and our sales staff can go through these with you.

What are the bespoke furniture options?

There are plenty of choices to make but don’t worry; it’s an easy process and we can give you expert guidance and advice on what’s likely to fit your requirements. Since every piece of furniture manufactured by Finline Furniture is a bespoke, hand-made item, in effect you can design and create your own unique masterpiece! Each piece we manufacturer is made specially for each individual customer.

You might be wondering how much scope there is to “tailor” the furniture and the answer is – considerable scope! Here are some of the many customised options that we can readily offer clients and trade professionals;

  • Fabrics – obviously this is a very personal decision and you will be selecting a fabric not only in the context of designs and textures you like, but also taking into consideration the interior decoration; carpets, wallpaper etc. Luckily we have over 3000 fabrics to choose from, all sourced from leading mills around the world. Trust us, we’ll have a fabric you’ll love!
  • Cushion density – often customers don’t realise they can decide the type of cushion to be used in their bespoke couches and chairs; in fact you can specify whether you like soft, medium or firm cushions and if you’re not sure, call into the showrooms and you can try them all out for comfort! However for maximum durability and comfort on your bespoke Irish made couches, we will always recommend the medium density cushions.
  • Adjustments to the physical frame structures – you might love a particular model only to realise it simply won’t fit the space you need it for. No problem, we can reduce the width, increase the width to suit particularly awkward spaces. You give us the dimensions and we will work around your needs. Corner couches have become popular to fill spaces in the past 10 years and we custom make these to fit your requirements. This is also relevant where a room is particularly big and needs a bigger sofa or perhaps it’s a small apartment that needs a bespoke corner piece to make the most of the space. Generally, we don’t amend the depth of the sofas.
  • Additional items as required – perhaps you need some more scatter cushions, a throw, or even some extra fabric. Whatever little extras you require, we can provide, it’s as simple as that.
  • Special designs for bad backs – sofas and chairs can be a nightmare for people with bad backs and very often customers will request a higher back cushion for neck and back support, or even a slight increase in the seat height. It’s all easy to do and can make a big difference to your day-to-day health and comfort.

Get in Touch!

If there’s any requirement that we haven’t mentioned above in terms of bespoke furniture, the chances are we can meet it so why not visit our showrooms to talk through the options – we are the leading specialists in manufacturing bespoke furniture in Ireland. Or Call us today and chat with one of our experienced design team about your furniture requirements – add your own personal touch to our industry expertise in hand crafted furniture; for the perfect piece!