Bespoke Furniture? It’s got to be Finline Furniture!

Bespoke Furniture Luxury & Comfort Affordable Prices | FinlineIf you’re looking for new sofas and chairs for your home, then it makes sense to visit our showrooms. Why Finline Furniture? Here’s eight great reasons to buy your bespoke furniture with us;

  1. Choices Choices – we’re all about giving customers plenty of choices – with more than 5,000 fabrics, a variety of sofa styles (from traditional to minimalist and corner sofas too), bespoke dimensions and shapes – in fact you’ll be spoilt for choice!
  2. Professional Interior Design Advisors – you won’t feel overwhelmed by all this choice though as our instore team includes professionals in the business who can easily guide you through the best options, given your preferences and your home.
  3. Great Prices on Bespoke Furniture – all our sofas and chairs are made in our own factory so while you may have thought of bespoke furniture as expensive; in reality you are buying top quality products at factory floor prices – there’s no distributor or other retailer adding cost – no middle man. Our handmade products represent great value – and they last!
  4. Support Jobs in Ireland – Our team of over 40 staff live and work locally to our factory and showrooms. We pride ourselves on valuing our skilled craftsmen and women and on helping them to retain these traditional, furniture-making skills. As well as the 40 staff we employ directly we indirectly help to employ a further 40 Irish Jobs – through our suppliers & carriers.
  5. Symmetry with Patterns – One of the differences between poorly-made furniture, produced on factory production lines, is that the sofas and chairs often have no symmetry in terms of matching patterns on both the front and back of items. It’s only feasible to do this accurately where the bespoke furniture is handmade and where the fabric cutters and upholsterers are hugely experienced. Also good symmetry usually requires the use of additional fabric and Finline Furniture does not skimp in this respect as we are fully committed to producing top quality furniture.
  6. Excellent Customer Service – Finline Furniture is a family business. Founded by Kieran Finane over 35 years ago and run by his sons Kilian and Ciaran, who work tirelessly in the business, our commitment to our customers is second-to-none. You can have total confidence about getting a professional, reliable and proven service. Just talk to some of our satisfied domestic and commercial customers; there’s thousands of them!
  7. 10 Year Guarantee – Our frames are handmade from Kiln Dried Hardwood Beech, and they are designed to last for many years to come. Because we’ve been in business for so many years, we are so confident about the quality of the products that we give clients a 10 Year Frame & Construction Guarantee. In terms of longevity, we believe that our bespoke furniture is probably second-to-none in the Irish marketplace. In fact each individual sofa and chair is given a quality inspection before it leaves the factory and once it passes this test, our brass plate with our Logo is attached to the furniture, as a mark of quality along with a signed note from our founder & managing director Kieran Finane.
  8. Furniture for Life – Of course while the frame may last, fabrics come in and out of fashion and they suffer wear-and-tear over the years. However if you purchase handmade furniture from Finline, we can recover it at specially discounted rates – so it really is an investment for life.  We don’t re-cover furniture that we have not made as we only have total confidence in the quality of our own frame construction.

Bespoke Furniture Luxury & Comfort Affordable Prices | Dublin Cork Ireland | Finline FurnitureBespoke Furniture – Luxury and Comfort at Affordable Prices

With three bespoke furniture showrooms across Ireland – in Dublin, Laois and Cork – it’s easy to call in and meet with our experienced in-house team, many of whom are professional interior designers.

You’re welcome to simply wander through the facilities to get some ideas on what might work for your home and if you want specific advice or a quote for furniture, remember to bring the dimensions of your room with a simple drawing showing where key features are e.g. doors, windows fireplaces, TV etc – as this will help us advise on the right pieces and appropriate dimensions so that we can finalise a quote. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and re-assured to find that handmade, bespoke furniture offers great value. We’re waiting to welcome you!


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