2017 Interior Trends


Interiors are a lot like fashion, as the year changes, so do the trends. It’s hard to keep track of these ever changing trends, and sometimes you may feel like you’ve missed the boat, but not to fear, there a plenty of ways to introduce current trends into your living space without loading your home with everything that’s in Vogue.


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Elisha Sofa in Senso Fabric


2017 will see homes adapt to a lifestyle of bringing the outdoor in, something that many architects are passionate about. green 2017 Interior Trends finline furniture blogMixing an indoor space with the great outdoors has been known to increase happiness and general wellbeing. With this trend, we will see A LOT of green, a beautiful earthy colour. Dark green will be an exceptionally popular paint colour, steering away from the cool tones of 2016. Mix green with golds and brassy warm tones to create a truly tranquil living space. The use of green in furniture will be something we’ll be seeing a lot of, so be prepared to compliment your friends green sofa they keep bragging about!


Terracotta tiles interior trends 2017 finline furniture blogTerracotta tiles

I know, this trend is completely opposite to what we’ve been seeing over the past year. Gone are the cool marble floors, and in its place are warm, matte terracotta tiles, which you vaguely remember from a family holiday in Spain. This trend may not be to everyone taste, but it certainly something architects and designers will be pushing in the design world in 2017. Paired with soft flowy fabrics like linens and silks however, it can look rather striking and is definitely soothing!

bespoke furniture ireland handmade
Deep Buttoned Alexandra Love Seat in Mancini Fabric Range


Velvets will be back in a big way in 2017. We saw them creep back into fashion in late 2016, but thankfully they are here to stay. People are drifting away from cold and
minimalistic homes and truly looking to bring comfort into the space they live in. Velvets do just that. Whether it be a velvet sofa, or a cosy wing back chair for snuggling in whilst you have your morning coffee and browse emails, velvet will be everywhere in 2017!


bespoke headboard handmade ireland finline furnitureHeadboards

This is a trend I’m particularly excited about. Headboards were once a thing only seen in luxury hotel suites or homes of the rich and famous, every day homes were more likely to stock a wooden bed frame, or iron. This New Year will see a massive decrease in beds with a frame, and a HUGE fluctuation in headboards. Whether it’s a deep buttoned, a luxury velvet or a more simple design, you may find yourself lusting after this trend.


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by Ella, Dublin Sales Team